Energy Healing

Atasiea is a certified Reiki Master,  Intuitive healer, Channel, Massage practitioner, and Spiritual Guidance Counselor. His life purpose is to heal through sound and movement.  


his energy healing sessions incorporate chakra balancing, auric clearing, intuitive reading, channelling, and spiritual guidance counseling. Sessions take about 90 minutes and can be done in person,. or over the phone/ computer with the same level of affect. 


Clients receive a direct connection to their universal life force energy which nourishes the mind body and soul, and brings about an innate sense of well being. The affects of the work are a calm clear mind, wisdom and insight into major life themes, and guidance about how to take action to maintain the state of wellbeing achieved during the healing sessions. To book a session or for more information please write,  or call (510) 423-1843 cell.