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Atasiea's massage is a mixture of Deep tissue, Accupresure, Thai, and various techniques from Indian Head massage, Lomi Lomi, Swedish, and Reiki. He has over 15 years experience practicing bodywork, and energy healing. He has created his own intuitive style based on 100's of hours of practice in LA, SF. and the UK. 

His touch can be both firm and gentle, and his sessions always incorporate streches joint mobilization, and subtle energywork that create inhanced states of relaxation, stress relief, and revitalization for clients.


Sessions can range from 1 hr, 90 minutes, to 2hrs.

He is also available to practice Four Hands Tandem Massage with other therapist. 

To enquire about rates, or schedule an appointment please call: (510) 423-1843,

or write