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Angelic Presence Healing

Spiritual Guidance Counseling, and Subtle Energy Healing


Spiritual Guidance Counseling combines holistic counseling and health coaching treating each individual as a multidimensional person working with their spirit, heart, mind, and body as parts of their whole being that needs to be addressed and aligned during each session. Imagine talk & somatic therapy, reiki, intuitive reading, subconscious belief reprogramming, life coaching, bodywork & energy healing all rolled into one treatment session. 

Atasiea calls his style of Spiritual Guidance Counseling - “Angelic Presence Healing with Atasiea” 

Angelic Presence Healing with Atasiea is a Spiritual Guidance Counseling, Subtle Energy Healing/ Bodywork service. Sessions include: 

Holy Fire® III Reiki, Theta Healing, spiritual guidance counseling, chakra and auric field clearing/balancing, channeling, intuitive reading, and can include bodywork/massage if we are working together in person. Sessions generally take a minimum of 2hrs -3hrs, depending on what you’re needing help with. ( All sessions can be done in person, or at a distance via phone or computer. Distance (aka remote) healing sessions don’t include massage, just energy work.)  
Appointments available Wednesday-Sunday 10am-6pm. The practice is closed Mondays & Tuesdays. All messages and appointment requests received Mondays & Tuesdays will be responded to Wednesday-Sunday during business hours if possible.


Single session = $350.00

3x Session Deal = $999.00


Deal applies when all 3 sessions are booked in advance

Want to go deeper? Learn about Atasiea's Angelic Presence Healing Coaching Program

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