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Atasiea - pronounced (‘Ah-tah-see-ay’) means - Oneness.

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 Atasiea, (a.k.a. Kenneth Lawrence Ferguson) is a professional Healer, Actor, Dancer, Yogi, and Martial Artist. He is a certified Dancing Freedom Facilitator, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, Capoeira Angola instructor, Reiki Master, and Minister. He is the Co-Founder of both The Dharma Creation Institute, and Ecstatic Dance Los Angeles, a freeform dance event with yoga, massage, sound healing, and live DJs.


Atasiea brings together over 23 years of experience working internationally in the performing arts, martial arts, and healing arts community. He studied Capoeira, dance, and acting in Oakland, Los Angeles, the UK, Brazil, and Japan. He also studied and practiced massage, subtle energy healing, psychic development, and shamanic dance all over the US, UK, South and Central America.

Atasiea is one of the lead healers on Season 1 of the new reality television series called LOST RESORT on TBS Network, a show about holistic healing and transformational retreats. He is internationally recognized as a leader in the conscious dance and holistic healing community as a respected facilitator and event producer. He has facilitated and guided thousands of people in healing ceremonies, classes, and conscious dance experiences at conferences, retreats, festivals and trainings world wide with organizations like: Ecstatic Dance Los Angeles, TBS , The Awakening Heart School of Sacred Living, Dancing Freedom Facilitators International, Lightning In A Bottle Music/ Arts Festival, The international Capoeira Angola Foundation, Dance Beyond Retreats, The Ecstatic Dance National Bus Tour, the Ecstatic Dance Leadership Retreat, and the GSA Conservatoire.  


Atasiea currently resides in Southern California, where he co-founded & co-produces Ecstatic Dance Los Angeles - an all ages, drug and alcohol free, freeform dance, community event with live DJ’s, mindfulness practices, and sound healing. 


He is also the Co-founder & Spiritual Director of the Dharma Creation Institute - a holistic healing & personal development education company that supports people to actualize their life purpose, heal themselves, and thrive doing meaningful work in the world.


Atasiea is also the founder of Angelic Presence Healing with Atasiea - A healing arts organization which provides holistic healing through massage, energy healing, yoga instruction, life coaching, spiritual guidance counseling, and educational programs. 


As an intuitive healer and educator, Atasiea provides physical and psycho- spiritual support to all people through counseling, Reiki, bodywork channeling, conscious dance, and ceremonial facilitation.

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