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Angelic Presence Healing 

Coaching Program

Immersion into Spiritual Guidance and Energy Alignment Practices

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Together, we design a program with weekly or bi-weekly session that includes life coaching, spiritual guidance counseling, and personal development through energy work. These custom sessions have allowed others to fulfill their purpose, actualize their goals, and overcome psychological, spiritual or physical blocks to health and well being.

Receive education to develop lifelong techniques for spiritual development, subtle energy hygiene, chakra and auric field balancing, channeling spiritual guidance from benevolent guides, intuitive reading, counseling and recordings of each experience which is sent to you after.

Every student must complete at least one full single session, or a consultation, before enrolling in a coaching program.




10 Session Package = $3,500

8 Session Package = $2,800

6 Session Package = $2,100

Get 20% off when you pay full price for any of these package deals in advance!

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